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The Hidden Truth to Vaccine Ingredients


Trypanosoma Cruzi parasites in the vials

Dr Jane Ruby joins Stew Peters to discuss the findings of Dr Robert O Young, published on August 20th, entitled, “Scanning & Transmission Electron Microscopy Reveals Graphene Oxide in CoV-19 Vaccines”.

This report should be considered a warning to anyone considering the jab.

Dr Young is a microscopy expert who published his findings, complete with images, after examining the contents of the four publicly-available COVID-19 jabs with various microscopy methods, including Phase Contrast Microscopy, Transmission and Scanning Electron Microscopy and Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy.

He determined that the vials contain graphene oxide and nano-sized particles of stainless steel and other toxic metals, which we had already been hearing about, starting with Dr Ruby’s appearances with Stew Peters in early June.

She cited papers published by the NIH about “Manipulative magnetic nanomedicine” as “the future of COVID-19 pandemic therapy” and about SPIONs or Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles, in which a magnetic field is placed in and around the lipid-nanoparticle envelope surrounding the mRNA, to drive the spike protein manufacturing technology deep into your cells.

We get a bit more information here about how that mechanism might work from Dr Young’s report. He says the Johnson & Johnson vaccine contains particles composed of stainless steel that are stuck together with a “carbon-based glue” of reduced graphene oxide (rGO) that induce pathological blood coagulation through the continuous degeneration of cell membranes.

Dr Young’s most shocking finding, by far is that the vaccines contain the lethal tropical parasite, Trypanosoma cruzi, a microorganism endemic to Latin America that causes Chagas disease.

September 7th can’t come soon enough, when Pfizer is obliged to deliver the complete ingredient list of the vaxx to the FDA, because right now, it looks like the “vaccine” is a deadly cocktail of graphene oxide, SPIONS, spike protein-producing synthetic mRNA and a tropical parasite that causes chronic disease and death!

Dr Ruby says numerous labs are now attempting to confirm or discredit these results.


The implications of Dr Young’s discovery of Trypanosoma Cruzi parasites in the vials are that we may now view the myriad crippling “vaccine side effects” and even the “multi-organ” effects of “Long-Haul COVID” in a new light, when we understand that some of these symptoms might be related to the early stages of chronic Chagas disease.

The T. cruzi single-celled parasite burrows into human tissue to feed on blood. After 4-8 weeks, the infection becomes Chagas disease, an incurable chronic condition with very few symptoms for years until the the organs become so scarred and damaged by the tiny parasites, that it causes heart disease and digestive complications. Chagas disease has no cure and the symptoms can only be managed.

In nature, T. cruzi is usually introduced into the host via the bite of various species of “kissing bugs”. Although the insect vector was eliminated in many countries, it continued to be spread via blood transfusions and organ transplants until 15-20 years ago.

Chagas disease occurs in two stages: 1) Acute stage, which develops one to two weeks after the insect bite, and; 2) Chronic stage, which develops over many years.

In 1–5% of infected individuals, the acute phase can cause life-threatening fluid accumulation around the heart, or inflammation of the heart or brain and surrounding tissues. (Where have we heard that before?)

Unless treated with anti-parasitic drugs, individuals remain chronically-infected with T. cruzi after recovering from the acute phase.

Over decades, 30–40% of people develop organ dysfunction, the most common of which is heart disease. People with Chagas heart disease often experience heart palpitations and sometimes fainting, due to irregular heart function.


I do not mean to add to the confusion about the fake pandemic, with its origins in a bioweapons program – or to its attendant forced “vaccine”, with its its Nuremberg Code-violating lack of informed consent.

However, we have long suspected that the PCR test statistics-driven plandemic was a ruse to “vaccinate the entire planetary population”, to quote Bill Gates and we have since learned that the so-called “vaccine” actually contains a more concentrated form of the weaponized spike protein than the “virus” it’s supposed to treat.

Would those seeking to create bioweapons stop at a respiratory tract-infecting coronavirus? T. cruzi can survive freezing and thawing, allowing it to persist in whole blood and blood products.

An organism like T. cruzi might be a handy in a bioweapons arsenal.

Is the composition of the Franken Clot Shot even more diabolical than we thought?

As Stew says, “This sounds like an intentionally-manufactured cocktail of lethal ingredients being injected forcefully into people in certain places, coerced in other places. People are losing their jobs if they don’t get this thing and they want to lower the age group to 5 years old, to inject as many kids with this thing as possible.

“And Australia, led 24,000 people – kids – unaccompanied by parents or adults into a former sports arena, now turned into the modern-day ‘ovens’ to inject these kids, multiples of which, we have unconfirmed reports are dead. Parents are coming forward, people are upset about this, understandably.

She shakes her head in the negative, “There’s no disclosure. There’s no informed consent consideration provided to the people that are being forced to take this – ”

Full story here.

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