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"Enabling professional’s to being well and happy in body, mind and spirit."

This course will guide you to improve and even turn around health conditions that may have existed for years. Peter will investigate and determine potential root causes to specific health challenges. Own a proven steps by step method to regenerating your health and take back what the years have stolen. Health is more than just physical wellbeing and getting through the day.

I have looked at wellness from both a health and risk angle and in so doing, I do not advocate pie in the sky diets, well NO diets, but get straight to what you require nutritionally to turn your health around and gain your perfected form – this we call your “Quintessential Wellbeing”.

Should you embrace this course, you will embark on a journey that will reward you with health and performance like you may never have imagined possible.  The amazing thing about what I have discovered from experience and training after man years of practicing the healing arts of natural interventions is that it will definitely change the way you feeling and save you from the dread of modern disease, fatigue, haphazard sleeping patterns and so much more. 


Research in the field of sport demonstrates that top athletes succeed in large part because of their ability not just to perform under stress, but more importantly, to recover after stress has occurred.

Recovery is the critical process in which the body and mind not only rest, but also rebuild new strengths and develop resilience, as a muscle does between workouts.

To consistently perform well in high-stress environments, executives must focus not just on the skills needed for their specific field, but more broadly, on creating a mindful and nourishing life, one that feeds them physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. To create excellence at work, a corporate athlete must ultimately create excellence in life.

Statistics reveal that there is up to a 50% probability that one will develop cancer today. Fast forward to 2030, and it is projected that everyone will develop cancer.

With cancer being the number 2 cause of premature death in the USA population, closely related to the working population in South Africa, how does one prevent oneself from developing one or more of over 200 different types of cancers?

Some cancer’s being so destructive, that death is inevitable within weeks or months. Should one develop cancer, what is the action plan for treatment? Is it chemotherapy, radiation or alternative treatments? Or is it better to prevent the fall of cancer on one?

When it comes to the well-being and functioning of an individual, how is this same principle addressed? It is our work, along with our integrative medical practitioners, to provide guidance in how to optimise one’s health and wellbeing and in doing so ward off any potential disease.

If you struggle with ANY of the following health issues, this course will definitely help you.

Ready to get healthy again?

When you enroll, you’ll get IMMEDIATE access to my online material. Once we have identified the potential cause/s to your health or improving your performance, we’ll take a deep dive into the solution. I’ll show the environmental factors that contribute to your illness and how you can make the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes to support your immune system, achieve your goals, and reclaim your vitality.

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A guide that will provide insights to improved brain function.



Most diseases, emotional states, headaches, fatigue and more start in an unhealthy gut. A term called dysbiosis. Learn how to improve your health by making sure your gut health is optimal.