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Health Transformation


Health Transformation

Get to the root cause of your condition, heal from your condition or disease, and reclaim your vitality…

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Reverse Disease

Reversing disease states and coming off pharmaceutical drugs is possible with the correct health strategy. 

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Optimise Sleep

 Without quality sleep, healing and performance cannot take place. Let’s change it.

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Restore Energy

Numerous causes of fatigue and energy deficiency, once identified can reverse the energy drain. 

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Brain Health

Accumulated toxins in the brain are major contributors to failing brain health. Learn the art of detox. 

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Restore Gut Health

Reversing disease states and coming off pharmaceutical drugs is possible with the correct health strategy. 

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Rebalance Hormones

The most natural thing to do. Without quality sleep, healing and performance cannot take place. Let’s change it.

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Rebuild Immunity

Detox aids your digestive, liver, kidney, and lymphatic systems, which strengthens to balance the immune system.

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Reshape Your Body

Getting into shape is more than just ‘dieting’ and some exercise. It’s a combination of a few smaller interventions.


Ideally Suited


Advocates & Attorneys

An answer to an unanswered question of health.

Many advocates and attorneys work long hours and take on extreme responsibilities that often have major consequences for clients. The demands that flow from this privilege can mount and threaten an a professional's well-being. When the signs of distress are ignored, the quality of the work and personal lives can plummet.

For too many professions in law, this is what already has occurred. A 2016 study of nearly 13,000 currently practicing lawyers found that between 21 and 36 percent qualify as problem drinkers, approximately 28 percent experienced some level of depressive symptoms, and 18 percent experienced elevated anxiety. There also is evidence of suicide, work addiction, sleep deprivation, job dissatisfaction, a “diversity crisis” at the top of firms, work-life. conflict, incivility, a narrowing of values so that profit predominates, and chronic loneliness.
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Executives & Founders

Knowing and managing every high risk exposure.

Corporate Athlete training uses a multidisciplinary approach built on the sciences of performance psychology, exercise physiology and nutrition to create lifelong behavior change.

By expanding energy levels both personally and professionally, leaders become more engaged and resilient which propels higher performance, better teamwork, and stronger leadership, which can be distinct competitive advantages for organizations.


High Net-Worth Individuals

Knowing and managing every high risk exposure.

High net-worth families are busy. Their calendars are full and their lives move fast. Our approach to HNW clients is based on a personal risk methodology, whereby each HNW individual is taken through a process that highlights where they are financial exposed and at risk for disease, disability or illness, and thereon provides them with the keys and tools to protect themselves.

The work is encapsulated into an individualized lifestyle exposure report that includes the current and potential risks across various contexts, such as health, financial, security, political, cyber, ransom, and other exposures along with the recommended alternative intervention, aligned to the desired state. The VIP experience is designed for high net-worth clients.
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Access to Experts via

Our Introductory and Masterclass Courses create a starting point if you’re just beginning this journey and expert opinion to true healing. Inside our courses, you’ll receive:

  • Foundational insights around how to increase energy, balance gut & hormones, improve digestion and improve sleep quality and quantity.
  • Access to Peter via virtual group or buy up to a one-on-one session. This is your opportunity to connect directly + consistently with a trusted practitioner. 
  • Using strategic sciences, you will have the support to deepen your commitment to yourself and your health goals, so you can have the health you desire.
  • Resources in your dedicated Course Library, including recordings, supplement discounts, guides and protocols.
  • Opportunities to enhance your experience with lab, genetic and specialized testing. These tests are available in the assessment and evaluation stages of the courses.

A Private program may be best for you if you’d like customized, one-on-one support. 

  • You receive everything in the Health Courses, plus:
  • Personalized, one-on-one consultations focused on your unique needs, goals and desires as it relates to your health. These are private calls between you and Peter.
  • Curated supplement protocols and recommendations designed by Peter and based on your lab and or genetic test results. You’ll know exactly what supplements + lifestyle recommendations to enact in order to restore your health.
  • Private calls with a dedicated health coach or functional medical practitioner who serves as your personal consultant and accountability partner for as long as you’re in the program.
  • Exclusive discounts on certain tests, supplements and other resources. You’ll receive unique pricing available only to you as a private client.

Our VIP experience is by application only. 

  • As a VIP, you’ll receive everything in the Health Courses + Private Coaching, plus: 
  • An all-inclusive personal growth and protection experience. This includes an assessment of the mechanism implemented to protect you and your family. Then in addition all growth strategies bring about optimum well-being across every dimension of life and family.  
  • High-touch interactions with Peter and team, via text and audio. Peter or his team will be available to you Monday-Friday for all your health-related needs. Your personalized health coach, who could also be a functional medical practitioner will connect with you more frequently to ensure maximum success.
  • Where required, a full assessment of the family environment and guidance to other family members.
  • Opportunities for additional support from Peter + the team in the form of exclusive training, visitations and education opportunities. 

Systematic Process

Definition of risk

Identification &
Root-Cause Analysis

We use various functional diagnostic tools such as questionnaires,  functional blood panels, genetic testing, and or specialized tests. Once complete, one is able to begin forming a picture of the potential root causes of the symptoms.

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Evaluation of Results & Future Impact Projection

The data and results are considered and inputted into our risk model software. Health risks are prioritized according to severity and impact on you now and or into the future. This allows for the correct decision to be taken.

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Determination of the Correct Intervention

Natural interventions regenerate healing at a cellular level. When you optimize the corrective actions you improve muscle tone and posture, body weight, energy levels, mood, cravings, sleep patterns, and so much more.


Download this free resource to learn how to support immune balance, soothe the nervous system/brain, and support detoxification to reduce risks of adverse effects and enhance the response to most vaccines, ensuring adequate antibody response.

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