Medical Tests to Identify Vaccine-Induced Injury

This is a possible way to hold those who mandate you or stipulate “no jab, no job” as being responsible for changes in your health.


In order to determine whether something has changed, it makes sense to establish a baseline against which change can be detected and measured.

I have drawn together a list (below) of the tests that medical professionals recommend as means of detecting possible Covid-19 gene therapy causal damage to the human body.

These sources include:

  • the letter sent by Drs. McCullough, Cole et al to the US FAA regarding pilot vaccine injury;
  • Dr. Ryan Cole’s presentation in 2021 regarding vaccine injury;
  • Medical doctors and pathologists in the UK;
  • Broad-ranging medical and scientific research papers into the observed SAE and side effects of Covid-19 gene therapies.

From these sources, I have put together the following (live) list of tests for anyone who wishes to establish a baseline for themselves before their first/next dose.


Anyone who is either:

  • unjabbed and considering taking a Covid-19 gene therapy; or
  • previously jabbed and considering taking any further doses of Covid-19 gene therapy;

may wish to consider establishing a baseline of their present health state before taking a/further doses.

Establishing a Baseline using the tests below will allow you to then repeat the tests following a dose of Covid-19 gene therapy and identify subsequent changes. Should all other factors remain unchanged, you would have a basis to suggest that changes are caused by the Covid-19 gene therapy dose.

This would decrease the ability of your employer or medical practitioners to claim that there is no causal connection between your dose of the Covid-19 gene therapy and whatever changes you have detected.

This is a possible way to hold those who mandate you or stipulate “no jab, no job” as being responsible for changes in your health.

For example, armed with a pre-dose Baseline, one could conditionally state that in the face of a mandate, you will repeat your baseline periodically after your mandated jab and should any negative changes be detected with or without attendant symptoms, one shall use that evidence of changes to hold the mandating party responsible.

Without a Baseline, it could be argued that changes were caused by literally any other factor because you did not know or establish your state of health before you took another dose of gene therapy.

Possible Method

It is up to the individual to determine which tests they may wish to undertake and how.

For maximum privacy and protection, it may be worth conducting tests privately and in confidence, separate from your own medical system. This could be achieved by seeking tests abroad or under pre-agreed conditions with the test provider.


Any medical test may reveal problems that you are not otherwise aware of. You may be healthy and asymptomatic. What you do with the information from any or all of the Baseline tests is up to you as the individual exercising your medical/bodily autonomy.

Knowledge is power, but it can also be a curse. You have to judge the possible consequences for yourself.

The Baseline: Suite of Tests (08/05/22)

  • *Biochemical profile (E & LFTs)
  • *Full/Complete Blood Count
  • *C-Reactive Protein (High sensitivity)
  • *Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR)
  • *D-Dimer
  • *BNP (B-Type Natriuretic Peptide)
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
  • *Fibrinogen
  • *Troponins
  • *CD4 & CD8 count
  • Rouleaux formation
  • post-vaccination ECG analysis (also known as EKG, which checks the electrical signals that determine cardiac health)
  • **Cardiac MRI and PULS Test (to determine heart health)
  • **MRI with Gadolinium Contrast

The first seven tests can be easily done on a Routine Blood Test at any Pathology company.

*Easily done on a Routine Blood Test at any Pathology company.

**The MRI can be performed at any major Radiology company.

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