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The Unhealthy Consequences of Sitting and How to Break the Cycle

In the age of modern technology and desk-bound jobs, sitting has become the new smoking. It’s a phenomenon known as “glidewalking” – the act of being sedentary for prolonged periods, hunched over our desks, phones, or computers. While sitting might seem harmless, it comes with a host of unhealthy consequences, both physically and mentally. As

Regenerate Your Body

In roughly 7 years, to be precise, you go through a complete overhaul. Every single atom and molecule in your body is replaced by the food, drink, and lifestyle you’ve embraced. The result?

Food for healthy brain

This Is Your Brain On Omega-3s

Unlocking the power of DHA is crucial to support the brain’s structural integrity and optimize cognitive function. Most people are highly deficient.

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