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Enhancing Immunity on Return to Work

Moving into a ‘level 3’ lockdown, how many emotions have you and your family been through during these past weeks? From the initial trauma of being forced to a place where I am normally comfortable, that is my home office, I found a resistance growing inside of me from what we was being fed by the main news outlets. So in line with our disruptive approach to information being put into the airways and data numbers received, we began investigating our international reference sites for a broader truth. A truth that can assure us that are immune system is enough to prevent the negative consequences of the Coronavirus.

In attempting to share insights with our clients, friends and subscriber base, I found an overwhelm growing that enough was not enough. ‘What if’ this so called virus COVID-19 was as real as what we were being led to believe. ‘What if’ this pandemic is similar to the Spanish flu of 1918 that took the lives of 100 million people? ‘What if’ someone in our family contracts the virus? 

This global pandemic we are living through has made one thing abundantly clear: Your health needs to be your priority. Not just someday, but right now. And the truth is, food is the real foundation of your health.

 Dr. Dhesan Moodley’s Recommendation

Recently SA’s Dr. Dhesan Moodley (MBChB, MMed Metabolic Medicine, MMed Sports Medicine, MBA), presented a webinar titled: COVID Proof Yourself.  He addressed the statistics made available and highlighted that South Africa is doing well compared to other parts of the world. With a 3% prevalence rate per 100 tests compared to the USA with a 16% and the UK, 15% respectively.

The central theme of his talk was to go beyond hand washing, masks and social distancing, and look at building your immunity. He stated that many medical treatments have been tried however the findings were inconclusive to producing the required result to protect a person contracting or being treated when infected with a virus. Other key implications were that there is no vaccine in sight no matter what news is being promoted through the social media airways.

As we approach the winter months where influenza peaks and viral spread is increased, it comes down to fortifying your immunity. Immunity can be enhanced with various protocols from fasting (various methods available and obviously the most cost effective), to cold water treatments, sufficient quality sleep, exercise and much more. Not everyone will or can follow the various methods to improved immunity. So what is your next best strategy?

Besides consuming highly dense nutrient rich foods, one needs to supplement. And no, it is not a waste if you get it right and purchase the correct form of the vitamin and mineral. What you put into your mouth is important to how nutritional excellence can prevent viral infection.  An immediate dietary change can have profound effects on immunity even within a short time. 

Diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, high blood pressure and even autoimmune disease will put you at higher risk of devastating outcomes from COVD-19. 

The Orthomolecular Medicine News Service first said so on January 26 that “Vitamin C protects against coronavirus.” The opening sentence of that release was and remains politically incorrect: “The coronavirus pandemic can be dramatically slowed, or stopped, with the immediate widespread use of high doses of vitamin C.”  We reiterated the same message a number of times during the past few weeks.

More than One Nutrient

Amongst other nutrients and minerals that one can either consume through food or supplementation, Vitamin C in oral or IV was suggested by Dr Moodley. Other functional medical experts have shared similar protocols to building immunity. Our take is to build your nutrient base from food and where you do get enough in, the supplement. A few such supplements the majority fail to ingest, is that of vitamin C, vitamin E, Omega fats, selenium, iodine, vitamin A and the vitamin B’s and antioxidants. That is a few of the 90 important mineral we need to get into our body daily.

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“I have not seen any flu yet that was not cured or markedly ameliorated by massive doses of vitamin C.”(Robert F. Cathcart, MD)

When taking a supplement, the correct dosage is vital if working towards enhancing your immunity with supplementation. In our practice we advocate dosing to what is called saturation (meaning the point where your body responds to the correct amount) for some supplements while for others one does not go over the suggested upper level, failing which would induce toxicity into the body. Understanding your blood serum levels for deficiencies would also be a good place to start.

Vitamin C

For our client’s and our own online shop, we have spent many hours determining the right form and ‘best’ dosage. We settle on a vitamin C that is bioavailable and offers what it says. You can read more here or here

Immune Busting Protocol

Back to the suggested supplements and nutrients recommended by Dr Moodley. You could take these to enhance and protect yourself, your family or even share with your staff. These include:

 1. Vitamin C 7. Selenium
2. L-Glutathione8. Zinc
3. Vitamin D39. Vitamin A

4. Melatonin10. Other compounds could include:
5. Vitamin EEGCG, Vitamin B1, B3, Selenium & Zinc Combo, NAC
6. Fish oils
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The protocol in full or in part can be ordered in a compounded combination of the various vitamins and minerals in order to having to purchase each product individually. You welcome to connect with us to determine your exact need and dosage, as one size does not fit all in nutrition values. Our relationship directly with a compounding pharmacy allows product that is on the average 20-30% cheaper than retails outlets.

Dr Linus Pauling Regimen

If you prefer to create your own protocol or regimen, Linus Pauling, 2x Nobel Prize Winner, has stated that the measures that you take to improve your health and prolong your life should not be so burdensome and disagreeable as to interfere seriously with the quality of your life and make it difficult for you to continue with the regimen day after day, year after year. Compliance is very important.

The regimen or protocol he suggest is of such a nature that you should be able to adhere to it rigorously, day after day, for the rest of your life. The regimen does not include every health measure however it does focus on immunity and wellbeing. Moreover, it does not take into account the special nutritional needs of individuals.

For example, persons with a tendency toward arthritis might benefit by increases in vitamin C, niacinamide, and vitamin B 6 . The regimen is instead an average or basic one, which should benefit nearly every person. Additional benefits may result from changes made in response to biochemical individuality.

The steps of the regimen recommended by Pauling are as follows:

  1. Take vitamin C every day, 6 grams (g) to 18 g (6000 to 18,000 milligrams [mg]), or more. Do not miss a single day.
  2. Take vitamin E every day, 400 IU, 800 IU, or 1600 IU.* *IU stands for International Unit, the quantity of a vitamin (or other substance) specified in accordance with an international convention adopted by the World Health Organization.
  3. Take one or two Super-B tablets every day, to provide good amounts of the B vitamins.
  4. Take a 25,000 IU vitamin A tablet every day.
  5. Take a mineral supplement every day, which provides 100 mg of calcium, 18 mg of iron, 0.15 mg of iodine, 1 mg of copper, 25 mg of magnesium, 3 mg of manganese, 15 mg of zinc, 0.015 mg of molybdenum, 0.015 mg of chromium, and 0.015 mg of selenium.
  6. Keep your intake of ordinary sugar (sucrose, raw sugar, brown sugar, honey) to 20kg or less per year. Do not add sugar to tea or coffee. Do not eat high-sugar foods. Avoid sweet desserts. Do not drink soft drinks.
  7. Except for avoiding sugar, eat what you like—but not too much of any one food. Eggs and meat are good foods. Also, you should eat some vegetables and fruits. Do not eat so much food as to become obese.
  8. Drink plenty of water every day.
  9. Keep active; take some exercise. Do not at any time exert yourself physically to an extent far beyond what you are accustomed to.
  10. Drink alcoholic beverages only in moderation.
  12. Avoid stress. Work at a job that you like. Be happy with your family. The main feature of this regimen is the vitamin supplements. Taking them need not be burdensome. It is easy to get in the habit of taking your vitamins every day, and it is important to do so. The great advantage of this regimen over other proposed methods of prolonging life and improving health is that it is firmly based on the new science of nutrition that has been developed only during recent years. The greatest difference between this new science and the old nutrition is the recognition that vitamins taken in the optimum amounts have far greater value than when taken in the usually recommended small amounts, shown in the illustration on page

CBD – The Miracle Plant

In addition to the above, we would include making sure you get in curcumin, black seed oil (cumin), sufficient folic acid or folate, fish oils, quercetin, and zinc.

We have also been testing CBD in different dosages that allow the body to relax and in many instance ‘escape’ the parasympathetic response to the stress and trauma of living under high pressured lifestyles.

I encourage you to focus on building super immunity. There’s still time while under lockdown to join me on a journey to quintessential wellbeing. I’ll guide you through a 4-week online immunity rebuild by starting with the health of your gut. Together, we’ll unleash your bodies’ incredible power to protect you from disease by fueling yourself with the most nutritious foods on the planet. And at the same time, we’ll explore important health topics and offer support to each other. Read more here. or listen to what I have to say about gut health.

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