Peter Smanjak


Health and Wellness Consultations with Peter Šmanjak


A 1-1.30 hour consultation with Peter will guide you as to the healing protocols of alternative and regenerative medicine. Suggestions, where required will assist in  possible pathology, genetic, specialised and other tests you could perform to accelerate your healing and to improved wellbeing. Thereafter the referral requests can be made or Peter can assist further.




In this first consultation I will share what is possible to achieve your health specific condition/s or overall health objectives. I could provide feedback on his risk-based approach  to any report and blood results provided to him prior the meeting. Please include an additional hour fee for the review of any previous reports or blood results required.

Included in the meeting, I will share his insights in what alternative health protocols can provide to improve your health condition. I will provide a possible map to guide you as what you can do to improve your wellbeing to the state where you felt you very best. You may also be provided with your options for the appropriate tests you could perform to determine your health baseline. Once this is established you are equipped to work through the possible identified health risks in a systematic manner.

In this consultation, I will also determine if there is anything, that could speed up your progress to achieve your goals and objectives.

These consultations can be in-person or online.

A meeting request and online link will be sent to you on your purchase of the consultation.

Following the first meeting, and should we work together,


I will be your data risk analyst who considers any reports and results you provide, your consultant, and your strategist. I am not a health care provider but do provide 3-12 month coaching programs for clients serious about changing their health.

I have spent 10 years in practice and a further 15 years in the management of life threatening illness. I love results and the change that can be gained from following the method and steps that has improved my health as I age. I am a missionary in more that one aspect of life, health and spiritual healing from prayer and meditation.  I love to teach on what I have experienced and studied for over 25 years.


Here’s what I can do and would be love to do for you should we be the right fit:

  • Help you develop actionable priorities and an overall strategy for improving your health.
  • Discuss your experiences with you and suggest useful tests that you could ask your doctor about or can arrange for you.
  • Analyse the results of genetic tests, digital food logs, and nutrient and blood measurements for markers of health and nutritional status. I can then use these analyses to suggest practical strategies that you could implement with proper coaching and supervision.


I am not a medical doctor or a registered health care practitioner, so here’s what I can’t do and what I can do instead:



  • What I can do instead: discuss, in an educational nature, the possible ways to look for diseases.


  • What I can do instead: discuss, in an educational nature, the possible ways to prevent, mitigate, or treat a disease using alternative and natural medicine.


  • I will provide you with a receipt for your payment, but these consultations are not therapeutic in nature and your health insurance will not cover them.


Here’s what I won’t do and what I will do instead:


I won’t analyse your whole genome and give you a list of supplements to take or design your whole diet around your genome. Why? Because I believe in only considering the impairments or higher risk genetic markers. It is too overwhelming to work on all genes to bring about a positive change in one’s overall wellbeing.

  • What I will do instead: look at specific genes when we have good reason to believe looking at them would help you meet your health goals. When used in a targeted way as part of the bigger picture, this can be very useful.

I won’t sell you supplements or give you advice that directly that is not required for your health improvement.

  • What I will do instead: discuss supplements and dietary approaches that might be useful, and help you decide what would be the most cost-effective options to meet your goals.