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reverse disease, re-engineer well-being and optimise performance

your future self will thank you for it!

does this sound


You want to increase your energy output to support performance but you don’t know how.

Your lack of holistic health knowledge is keeping you from the success you want.

You rely heavily on your own research, but are tired of worrying about your destructive behaviour or lack of performance.

You’ve had some success previously but you want to change for the better and achieve your objectives

You’re afraid your current course of action or non-action won’t help because you lack health and wellbeing knowledge.


After my own gut health challenges from the disciplined western sports diets of the overconsumption of protein, lack of probiotic foods and other, led to the early stages of heart disease and cancer. I was disillusioned by what was professed to be healthy. After all, while accessing the most advanced practitioners, information and interventions.

I took a deep dive down the rabbit hole to use my risk, health and sporting experience to design a roadmap with the ideal method and steps to reverse my health status and achieve my best form of well-being. The methodology I employ is based on the principles of identifying the root cause of the health condition, and then designing a personalised and precise roadmap to regenerate healing.

“I am dedicated to shifting the medical paradigm of symptomatic relief as the gold standard to prefer healing the ecosystem, terrain, microbiome, traumas, spiritual decline, and connect to the purpose we were divinely assigned, our healing creates a multiplier effect.”

It's Easier Than You Ever Imagined!

Ditch 'diets'. Throw out the scale. Move past food guilt.

With the proper nutrients, it is known that your muscles can be unlocked to energize your metabolism: building new healthy lean muscle, burning body fat, stabilizing blood sugar, delivering lasting energy, even elevating mood, and creating the optimal metabolic function, no matter what your age


Philosophers and scientists of the ancient world and the Middle Ages believed that the world we inhabit was entirely made up of four elements: earth, air, fire, and water. Aristotle added a fifth element, the ether, by which he meant the material that fills the rest of space, mostly invisibly but sometimes taking the form of stars and planets. Referred to as the 'quinta essentia' ("fifth element").

Quinta essentia came to stand for anything so perfect that it seemed to surpass the limitations of earth.

Quintessential represents the best of its kind.
Live Your 'Best' Form. Invest in you!

Root Cause Analysis

the start to true healing
and optimised performance

"Most popular diets, healing protocols or fitness programs can produce short-term results, but ultimately most are not sustainable because they don't address the root cause, which could be your emotional imbalance, metabolism, genetic weakness, cellular degradation or nutrient homeostasis."

As experts in root cause determination and swimming upstream, along with functional diagnostics, we work in the realm of getting to the core issues to optimum healing and performance.

Human malfunction precedes most major non-communicable diseases, by at least a decade. Identifying the root cause of EVERY health condition, will allow healing and finding your way back to a place of homeostasis where every cell in the body works optimally.

It’s that simple! Just how I like to keep it.



Autoimmune Disease
Cardiovascular Disease
Cognitive Impairment
Complex Chronic Illness
Digestive Disorders

Heavy Metal Toxicity Hormone Imbalance Long Haul Syndrome Migraines & Chronic Headaches Mood Disorders

Mycotoxins & Mold Related
Skin Disorders
Sleep Disorders
Thyroid Disorders
Tick-Borne Illness
Vaccine Injury
and more…



Increase Performance
Increase Muscle Size
Improve Muscle Quality

Hardgainers Lifting
Improve Recovery
Increase Endurance

Improve Cellular Energy
Nourish with Nutrients

Understand Genetics
Understand Pathology

Reduce Lactic Acid
Protein/Carb/Fat Requirement
Improve Recovery
Increase Endurance
and more…


Personalised Courses

Developing daily health habits
requires laser focused coaching.






The Executive Athlete

Gene & Pathology Based
Supplement Protocols

no guessing - protocols scientifically designed?

It’s an epiphany moment when you uncover the things that have been missed in your healing or improved performance journey… those that are holding you back from living life in your best form.

You receive a personalised nutritional guide and supplement protocol tailored according to your healing or improved performance objectives.

Only the highest quality products are selected.

Discover cutting-edge products and programs created and curated by experts and passionate healers.

Reclaim Your Wellness


In the complex adrenal-stimulated world of entrepreneurs, executives, professional’s and business owners, given my years in corporate settings, I align with the thought pattern of seeking health and improved performance and having no time to do it. Business and personal constraints are the main factor to overcome. I address these when I use the personal risk model of action vs no action.  The audience will be illuminated.

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Spirit | Soul | Body

1 Thessalonians 5.23 : “May the God of peace himself sanctify you wholly; and may your spirit and soul and body be kept sound and blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.”


Healing begins when you know it's time, are committed and determined to heal or grow no matter what is placed before you. As a guide in your journey to wellbeing I walk a path with you. No-one needs to do it alone.

1 Corinthians 3:16-17 (KJV) 16. Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? 17. If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.

Life has not always been what it is now!
Dis-ease free, lean, cognitively sound and spiritually infused.

Let's make sure this is you.

Any questions about how I can help you?

Request a free 30 minute online chat


our fit

In an encouraging manner I have helped many out from deep places where they thought they would never emerge.

My  insights and passion in the healing arts of natural medicine, movement, and spiritual enlightenment will gently guide your commitment to achieve your key health objectives.

To determine our fit, we offer a FREE 30 minute introductory online consultation

You can meet with Peter for private 1-on-1 session in person or online where he can consider your health goal and specific objectives for your health journey.  As part of signing up for any course or consulting journey, you could also access Peter via a group environment where many share with each other. You may also receive access to Peter’s Facebook group, ‘Your Health Your Design’ where you can pose your questions. 

Yes most defintely. Peter has spent thirty years teaching and consulting in the corporate environment. Please contact Peter for further details. 

Ideally, because Peter’s method is a personalised root cause approach. Peter uses functional medicine guidelines to analyse your potential present and future health risks. To do so, lab and specialised functional diagnostics tests may be required to determine the potential future risk of any related health issue. Peter can provide, on request, a tailored blood, gut health diagnostic tests, food intolerance or genetic test to aid your understanding of the cause and bring about faster and a more scientific approach to your healing journey.

Peter can design your own personalised program after the first appointment. To help you understand how immunity and health is enhanced,  Peter’s courses are designed so that it can be done ENTIRELY at your own pace of learning. This means you can sign up and start at any time. We encourage you to get started as soon as possible so that you can start your journey to  healing, improved well-being and longevity.

Peter does recommend supplements where required as part of his work; however, these are certainly not always required. Nutrition is preferably gained from the correct food you eat. You can be assured the supplements suggested in the program are only supplements Peter uses himself and has spent endless hours researching the top studies in the world before using them.  

Peter is not a medical doctor or a registered health care practitioner, so here’s what he can and can’t do:

  • He can order serum, urine, stool, genetic and other diagnostic tests in order to analyse your current and potential future risk.
  • He can bring the results of the tests into his personal risk model that will show you the impact of your result sand where applicable what you could do about imprinting them.
  • He can’t diagnose you with a disease.
  • What can he do instead: discuss, in an educational nature, the possible ways to look for diseases and potentially protect yourself.
  • He can’t treat any disease you may have.
  • He can instead: discuss, in an educational nature, the possible ways to prevent, mitigate, or treat a disease using the science and experience available.
  • He won’t analyze your whole genome report and give you a ton of supplements to take or design your whole diet around your genome only. Why? Because he doesn’t believe that this works or is sustainable.
  • He will instead look at specific genes when their is good reason to believe looking at them would help you meet your health goals. When used in a targeted way as part of the bigger picture, this can be very useful in respect of your nutritional intake and supplementation protocol.
  • He won’t give a full explanation on every single blood result and highlight it and what it means to your health. Why, because he works on the 80/20 principle of working with the most important results that require correction and with these results have the greatest impact on your health. 
  • He will instead look at the results which pose a risk to your health and interpret them in line with best practice and share with you what could happen if they are left to get worse.
  • He can’t bill your insurance providers.
  • He will instead provide you with a receipt for your payment, but these consultations are not therapeutic in nature and your health insurance will not cover them.

YES! Peter took the methods that he uses in his teachings and 1:1 coaching clients and created a step-by-step program for you to work through at your own pace. In his work he or a family team member would meet  online with you two times per month to catch up and see how it is going. In the “The Health of Your Gut”,  every module and section is set up easily so that you can work through them as you go, or skip around to focus on certain aspects of the program.  

Peter recommends supplements and superfoods from a variety of resources. Not all supplements are available in country. For the supplements he recommends from NuVita pharmaceutical grade, a 10% discount applies for all friends of the program. Superfoods fulfill a variety of needs in a healthy eating plan and here a 10% discount is applied and a further 5% if it becomes a monthly order. These are available in the on-line shop.

This will vary from person-to-person and is mostly based on your current health status. If you follow what is shared with you, within 7 days you will already be feeling more energetic, sleeping better and most likely where weight management was an objective, you could have lost up to 7kg. Overall, most clients work in a 3, 6 or 12 month interactive coaching programme. Contact with Peter is either twice per month. During each session the next 3-4 week programme is provided to you to follow. This would include recipes, suggestions, reading material and the like. Being compliant is important however changing one’s past bad habits is more important and we have learnt that this can take up to 6 months. You will then have a sustainable lifestyle change programme thereafter .

Without a doubt and no matter your level of health and well-being. If you have a gut health condition or other health problem and have never investigated alternative and natural interventions, the personlised approach will change you life. Peter’s philosophy and methods he uses for all of his 1:1 coaching clients is now available in the course he will design for you. In addition the course has been built with over 35 000 hours of research reduced into an easy to understand, highly motivating introductory course. The course is here to help with behaviour change and disrupting your mind to think about health differently. You will LOVE it!!!

Each 30 minute session costs ZAR550. If you would like to assign Peter data to review before the call, this is billed as an additional service of a maximum of 3 hours. Review of several pages of isolated labs counts or a previous genetic report (200-800 page reports) is an additional session. Please enquire at the same time the additional allocated time required as all reports differ. Where you have unusual difficult-to-solve issues that you want Peter to spend time thinking about, counts as a full session. Where Peter designs a personalised course for you, the cost ranges from R3,500 – R6000 per month for the for a minimum of 3 months.

Many client’s choose the 6-12 month option because sustainable change requires, not the 21 days to change a habit, but a minimum of 6 months of reengineering of your inner ecology.  

The question to ask is, what is a life worth to guarantee to be disease free, energetic, sleeping well and so much more. What is the value of an extra 20 years of quality of health? That is the value you then place on Peter’s work for you. That is your return on investment ROI).

If an athlete, what is improved performance worth to you without having to train harder, longer and or with higher intensity?