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DNA and Genetic Testing Myths Busted

There are a few myths that the public has when it comes to genetic testing and all the things DNA practitioners can do when conducting a genetic screening. This article briefly aims to debunk some of those myths and further educate the public on the realities of genetic testing.

“I Have a Fear of Needles so I Can’t Do Genetic Testing”

We have some great news for all the trypanophobics (people with a fear of needles) out there! DNA practitioners do not make use of blood samples to complete genetic testing so there are no needles involved to collect your DNA sample.

Instead, DNA practitioners make use of inner cheek swabs to complete genetic screening in South Africa. A non-invasive, 30 seconds inside either cheek and off to the lab for analysis.

“My Sibling and I will have the Same Genetic Data Because We Have the Same Biological Parents”

This is far from the truth. Only identical twins share the same DNA. Genetic testing will reveal different attributes, even in siblings. When comparing the results of genetic testing for two siblings it will quickly reveal that this is nothing but a myth.

“Genetic Testing is Exclusive and Expensive”

This is a common misconception that may have been true some years ago, but with the labs we use, genetic screening has become very affordable to anyone.

“If I Can’t Change My Genetics There is No Point to Genetic Testing”

Fortunately, this is far from the truth. Genetic testing with a reputable and functional DNA practitioner provides insight into potential health risks that allows you the option to intervene to limit the consequence of an impaired gene.

The information provided by genetic screening in South Africa allows for a new level of personalised healthcare for both professionals and yourself. You can adjust your lifestyle according to the information revealed by genetic testing to stay healthy and avoid the health risks revealed by the test.

“Genetic Testing Takes Mere Moments to Complete”

This is a myth perpetuated by crime television shows. Genetic testing is far from what it appears to be in CSI. It is a complex and in depth procedure which takes time. However, with the developments in software and technology, it will only take a few days.

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