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Archbishop Viganò Warns Against Vaccine Mandates and ‘New World Order’

Full Interview: Archbishop Viganò Warns Against Vaccine Mandates and ‘New World Order’


Only a few short years ago, who could imagine a high-ranking member of the ecclesiastical community taking to the global media to warn the public about the danger of ‘experimental genetic’ vaccines, vaccine mandates, media terrorism, the complicity of Pope Francis in Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset global coup d’etat, the Rockefeller Foundation’s Lockstep Plan, and how the climate change deception is being used to accelerate an elite agenda for a New World Order, and much more. 

I call upon rulers, political and religious leaders, intellectuals and all people of goodwill, inviting them to unite.

Veteran journalist Robert Moynihan, editor of Inside the Vatican, discusses these and many other controversial issues with Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò.

ALSO WATCH: Archbishop Viganò Calling for ‘Anti-Globalist Alliance’ to Stop Enslavement of Humanity


21st Century Wire
Nov 2, 2021

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