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The Evidence is in on Lawyer Well-Being
We can no longer ignore the profession’s well-being problem.

Root cause analysis (RCA) is a process to help understand the real causes behind a symptom / problem in order to learn why that problem arose in the first place. By digging deeper using different analysis techniques to collect data, we can then form an action plan that will enable you to identify the contributing factors of your health challenges. Then eliminate or reduce it to bring about healing and in order to prevent it from occurring again.

Epigenetics has been discovered to be closely intertwined with our lifestyles and the choices we make. The food we eat and the nutrients that enter our body may have an epigenetic impact on our health and well being, adjusting chemical marks on DNA without changing our underlying genetic code. Learning about the consequences of various food types can assist us in making proper choices when it comes to what we consume.

In practice, we incorporate the latest and best diagnostic tools to uncover, identify, and address the barriers to healing that have caused critical imbalances and instability in your organ systems and systemic engines. Laboratory testing is just one of the tools we use that allows us to see a snapshot of your body’s current condition and why it is in a state of dis-ease. By running in depth functional testing of your body’s systems we can show you how to customize your plan of action on how to best address your condition , track your progress along the way, and have the success you are looking for.

Incorporating strategically timed follow up testing over the course of your healing journey allows you to see your progress and make any changes needed to keep you on course.

A functional blood chemistry panel gives insight into your organ systems and systemic engine function and also measures a variety of other biological markers (metabolic function, vitamin D levels, inflammatory markers, liver and kidney function, malabsorption issues, thyroid, minerals, and more) in the body to ensure that they are in optimal range. These tests inform us about how well your body’s organ systems are doing and what to do to better address them if you are ill. Blood chemistry tests are useful in determining underlying causes of conditions as well as maintaining an accurate gauge of how these conditions react before, during, and after personalized program

Genetics make up the baseline “code” by which your body functions. The impact of every single choice you make throughout your life is influenced by your personal genetic makeup.

We test over 134 genes that can affect your metabolism, inflammation, detoxification, fitness, weight, hormones, cognition, and response to food and supplements. By understanding how your unique genetics impact these key processes, you can make smarter, more personalized decisions about your health. There may even be insights you never imagined (like whether that second cup of coffee is a good idea for you based on your genotype)!

The Genetics Test focuses on the genes that have undergone vigorous examination for both scientific validity (how good is the science?) and clinical utility (how useful will it be in real life?). 

As such, only the genes that have the greatest potential to influence health are examined because a genetic test is only as good as the actionable insights that can be extracted from it.


It is the study of biological processes responsible to switching genes on or off. While genetics refers to the passing of genes from parents to offsprings, epigenetics refers to how those genes are used.

It presents us with the idea that even though it is possible to inherit ‘bad genes,’ the environment – toxins, foods, stresses, etc. – plays a huge role in silencing or activating those genes.

IBS and SIBO are commonly-diagnosed gastrointestinal disorders that can often be challenging for practitioners to effectively treat.

GI-MAP® can help practitioners gain breakthrough insights into potential underlying causes and contributors to IBS, SIBO, and related conditions, as well as conditions that can often be mistaken as IBS or SIBO, such as yeast overgrowth, parasitic infections, large intestinal dysbiosis, histamine intolerance, and pancreatic insufficiency.

GI-MAP also includes important gas-producing microbes, such as the primary hydrogen, methane and hydrogen sulfide producers.

Everyone is familiar with hormone changes that occur both during puberty and again during menopause (or andropause in men). When this happens in adults it can adversely affect a person’s weight, their mood, brain function, energy, and sleep, just to name a few.

If you’ve tried synthetic hormones and experienced the unpleasant and sometimes dangerous side effects that include weight gain, severe mood swings, spotting, headaches, bloating, breast cancer, or allergic responses, and you’re looking for a safer solution, there are safer processes that work.

Balancing hormones naturally is not an overnight process, but for most people it has works extremely well and they are happy they found a safer, healthier, and more natural alternative.

The key to balancing hormones lies in understanding the ‘endocrine system’ and the ‘HPA axis’.  The HPA axis is the ‘hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis’ and it is responsible for regulating the endocrine system which in turn determines your body’s ability to keep your hormones balanced. When any of the glandular organs in the HPA axis become ‘stressed’ or imbalanced, it causes a cascade of imbalances within the other glandular organs both in the HPA axis and the endocrine system.  When this happens it often leads to conditions like sex hormone imbalances, thyroid hormone imbalances, and weight issues to name a few.

Maintaining an accurate level of hormones in the body is an essential part of good health. There are a variety of hormone tests that are available for us to correctly analyze these levels and identify how to best tailor our approach so you can get your hormones back into balance.

Essential minerals are required for good health. Because our body cannot synthesize these important minerals, they must be obtained from our diet. The foundation of good health begins at the cellular-level.

A hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) is a noninvasive medical test that provides comprehensive information about key nutrient mineral levels and ratios, metabolic status, and toxicity. The HTMA lab report can be used to correct the interrelationships of essential minerals, and improve cellular function.

Environmental toxins are everywhere in our environment and are a major cause of every chronic disease that we now see as the top causes of death in the United States and abroad.  Toxins range from chemical toxins to heavy metal toxins, from EMF to Mycotoxins.  In the online courses, Peter teaches how these toxins cause severe damage to the brain (central nervous system), immune system, GI system, endocrine system, and virtually every other organ system in the body including our DNA.

The good news is that these toxins can be tested for and they can be eliminated from the body.  Studies show that it actually takes an average of 9 months to eliminate these toxins from the body (with heavy metals often times taking up to 2 years, depending on the heavy metal).  The client programs focus on teaching you and putting you through the process of eliminating these toxins from your body, and retesting every few months to track your progress.



Regenerate is a course designed to set you on track to regain your health across every level.

The Health of Your Gut

With the gut being the engine room to human life, optimizing your gut health is the first step to improved health and performance.