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The Legal Athlete


“Using the Wisdom of Timeless, Ancient and Modern Natural Health Therapies and Protocols, You Will Regain Your Health by Reversing 95% of Most Health Conditions when Adapting your Lifestyle…”

… especially if you only “tried” the medical way!

Living life in your most optimized state
Ignite Engagement | Beat Burnout

Engaged lawyers are full of energy, dedicated, confident, and purpose-driven. On the other end of the spectrum is the devastating condition of burnout, which is a debilitating response to chronic stress. People experiencing burnout feel exhausted, cynical, and self-doubting.

Although no studies have been conducted to identify the burnout rate in the legal profession, it’s likely high, given the high levels of stress, depression, and anxiety. In the medical profession (another demanding career to use as a comparison), about 40% of physicians experience burnout, which can increase the risk of depression, substance abuse, suicidal thinking, and deteriorating professionalism.

The process that causes engagement vs. burnout can be understood as an ever-changing balancing on the Engagement-Burnout Scale. On one end of the scale, think of all of the draining aspects of our jobs—or “Stressors.” The other end of the scale is piled with the energy-giving aspects of our jobs—or “Boosters.” When the scale tips in favor of Boosters, we feel engaged. When excessive Stressors keep tipping the scale, we’re headed for disengagement, burnout, depression, and possibly quitting.

Anne’s new book Positive Professionals is filled with ideas for developing individual and organizational Boosters to fuel engagement and beat burnout. She’ll help your organization get started in implementing these science-backed strategies through consulting, speaking, or training workshops for all levels of lawyers.

You are about to embark upon a course that has a PROVEN, STEP BY STEP METHOD to your health objectives!

Building lifestyle habits that will transform your gut, brain and potential outlook on life. It’s in your hands NOW and I encourage you to OWN your decisions, and the courage to ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS!