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My Story

As an active and competitive sportsperson for over 46 years, and having managed the most serious of diseases in the healthcare delivery system, not to mention consulting with many dietitians, I thought I was eating properly for the sake of my health.

It was curious to me that I had been enduring years of gut issues, burning and bloating like a pufferfish. With little to no help from the medical fraternity other than regular dishing out of medication which wasn’t giving relief, but rather causing secondary issues, I searched for answers. Everywhere.

I invested in comprehensive testing to determine the possible root cause and finally discovered the method and steps required to heal my own gut and be the healthiest I have ever been. 

Years later, I have fine-tuned my proven methodology for restoring gut health and related conditions for my clients. With so many non-communicable diseases that begin in the gut, this information could save your life and bring about a level of well-being you have only dreamed of living.

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Learn about the foods that nourish and restore the gut. Experience a major shift when healing happens.

If you struggle with ANY of the following,
this course is for you.

Own a proven, step-by-step method to recovery and being well.

You can OWN a course that has consolidated thousands of RESEARCH hours into only 4 HOURS, OVER 4 WEEKS.


Your Session Include:

Session 1: Identifying Cause

Session 2: Cleansing Your Gut

Session 3: Restoring Your Gut

Session 4: Feeding the Gut


Starting off with...




16 Short videos to walk you through your journey

Self-Discovery Experiments to Guide You Practically

Each Session is accompanied by a self-discovery experiment before moving on to the next session in the series. Self-discovery exercises are designed to help introduce the method and steps while you observe how your body responds. This is an important step in the refinement of restoring and improving The Health Of Your Gut.

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Most frequently asked questions

You can access Peter for private 1 on 1 sessions in person or online where he can consider your challenge, specific condition or health goals. As part of signing up for a course, you can join Peter’s Facebook group where you can gain more insights and have your questions answered along your journey. 

Peter does recommend supplements as part of his work; however, these are certainly not a prerequisite. It is always preferable to gain nutrition from the correct food categories. You can be assured the supplements suggested in the program are only supplements Peter uses himself after spending endless hours researching top studies in the world before using them.  

The course does not require any lab testing. However lab and specialized tests are very important to determine the potential cause and risk of any gut or other related health issues. Peter can provide, on request, a tailored blood, food intolerance or genetic test to aid your understanding of the cause and bring about a faster and more scientific approach to your healing journey.

“The Health of Your Gut” course is set up so that it can be done ENTIRELY at your own pace. This means you can sign up and begin at any time. Don’t delay in starting your journey to longevity.

Yes! Peter took the methods that he uses in his teachings and 1:1 coaching clients and created a step-by-step program for you to work through at your own pace at home. Each module and section is set up easily so that you can work through them as you go, or skip around to focus on certain aspects of the program.  

Peter recommends supplements from a variety of resources. Not all supplements are available in the country. For the supplements he recommends from NuVita pharmaceutical range, a 15% discount applies for all friends of the program. Superfoods fulfill a variety of needs in a healthy eating plan. These are available in the online shop.

This will vary from person to person and is mostly based on your current health status. If you follow 1 session per week it will take 4 weeks to complete. Each session is broken into 15-20 minute segments for your convenience. Normally each session is only 1 hour long per week. An easy accomplishment and a valuable time investment for anyone.

If you have a gut health condition or problem and have never investigated alternative care, this course will change you life. Peter’s philosophy and methods he uses for all of his 1:1 coaching clients is brought into this introductory course. In addition the course has been built with over 35 000 hours of research reduced into an easy to understand, highly motivating introductory course.