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Is the Excess Bodyweight Robbing Your Health?

“If it seems like your body is in constant resistance, and despite your relentless effort to regain or lose the excess weight, progress feels like an uphill struggle with a weight on your back, rest assured, you’re not alone.”

Diets Can Wreck Your Metabolism

Dr. Donald K. Layman

The research is clear.  There are many diets that produce weight loss, but the results don’t last. Nearly everyone who diets regains their weight within a year.

It’s obvious a different approach to weight management is required. An approach with permanent results. 

With over 500 million people infected yearly with parasites and 12 million people die from the over burden of toxins, no wonder we in such trouble.

Unlocking Your Joy
Finding Your Optimal Weight

Removing The Toxin Burden on Your Body?

Why Detox to Lose Weight?

The truth: Think of your body as a bucket. Now imagine the toxins that surround you in your daily life are the liquid that slowly fills that bucket…

Unfortunately, our modern world environment is full of toxins. Our air, especially city air, is full of pollutants, including automobile gas and cigarette smoke. The list of chemicals and toxins in our environment is endless. Consciously reducing your exposure to these toxins is incredibly important. However, over your lifetime, you’ve been exposed to so many toxins.

Past and present exposure to environmental toxins require that detoxification is critical — possibly more important than nutrition or another diet.

The Toxin Challenge
You Accumulating Daily

Did you Know?

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Daily exposure to toxins
People die every year from diseases caused by pollution, chemical exposures, climate change and ultraviolet radiation.
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Know of nearly 800 chemicals that are suspected to be hormone disruptors

30 Days You Don't Want to Miss

Regardless of whether you’ve yo-yoed before, hit a plateau or just want to feel great in your skin, you’ll enjoy learning the latest, cutting-edge insights using detoxification methods for gaining back your optimal weight.

Detox Is The Secret
To Weightloss Success

Persistent Fatigue

Struggle with morning fatigue and rely on coffee for energy

Mood Rollercoaster

Battle with unpredictable anxiety, stress, and depression

Mental Haze

Never achieve the clarity and sharpness your mind deserves

Premature Aging

Notice more wrinkles, fine lines, or hair loss than expected

Stubborn Weight Woes

Find it difficult to shed pounds despite a balanced diet and exercise

Weakened Immunity

Frequent illnesses and feeling rundown easily

Detox is the difference between the 1,929,999,999 people that don’t lose and keep off the weight, and the .000000002% that do!?

SHRED 10kg's

Join the 4-Week Detox Journey to Shed 10kg's
While Eliminating Toxins

How do I help you achieve success in regenerating your health and optimizing your performance?

The course will guide you on a transformative journey, using cutting-edge science and holistic practices, to rejuvenate your health and vitality. The method and steps have been created over a decade of experience and international best practice in alternative health.

Rapid Rebounds

When you lose weight, you seem to immediately gain it back with interest. This is Yo-Yo dieting. Quick-fix diets with rapid weight loss, lead to rapid rebounds, and destroy your body composition and your metabolism. During rapid weight loss 30% to 40% of the lost weight will come from lean tissues (muscle). This reduces your body's ability to burn calories and leads to rapid rebounds. Worse yet, as you regain weight, it will be all new body fat, further compounding the problem

Cravings & Fatigue

These are typical symptoms that your body is off-track and often telling you it needs a clean up. The most common cause is a toxic load on the body and an imbalance in dietary macronutrients and micronutrients – your body is literally malnourished even though you stuffing it with food.

Battle of the Bulge

Your slowly expanding waistline means your clothes don’t fit and your metabolism is in trouble. You body has made a dramatic shift from efficient fat burning in muscles to fat storage around your middle. This is the first sign of metabolic dysfunction and what is called The Metabolic Syndrome or pre-diabetes.

Toxic Overload

If you struggling to lose or gaining weight along with high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar, or elevated blood lipids, these are the sure clinical signs of metabolic syndrome and an overburden of toxins on your body.

Who is the Course For?

If you struggle with ANY of the following,
this course is for you.

Own a proven, step-by-step method to recovery and being well.

Course Outline

4 Weeks | 4 Stages | 12 Steps

01. Surveying the Terrain

Embarking on a weight loss journey is akin to preparing for an adventurous expedition. To begin, we create a comprehensive dashboard of your unique health markers and indicators, akin to a map guiding you through uncharted territories. These markers are like the intricate codes and cryptic scrolls used by ancient alchemists, unlocking the mysteries of transformation.

These detailed insights give us a window into your body's internal landscape, uncovering hidden factors and potential obstacles that could be influencing your weight. By understanding these elements, we pave the way for a more effective, personalized approach to your health and weight loss journey.


02. Cleanse to Remove Toxins

Our journey towards optimal health often navigates through the complexities of contemporary living, including the pervasive influence of toxins. One of the critical challenges we confront is aligning our dietary choices with our body's actual needs, which frequently diverge in today's fast-paced world.

Emphasizing the selection of high-quality detoxification foods is crucial. The real transformation begins when we focus on foods that holistically bolster the three foundational pillars of physical health: detoxification, cellular vitality, and nutritional abundance.


03. Post Detox Foods

Navigating the journey post detox, our gut serves as the pivotal engine room of a ship, propelling us through various challenges. Much like how the engine room is essential for a ship's voyage, the gut, along with its microbiome, plays a crucial role in maintaining our overall health. This microbiome, a bustling metropolis of trillions of microorganisms residing in our gut, is instrumental in food digestion, immune system regulation, and protection against harmful pathogens. Just as a well-maintained engine ensures a smooth journey, a healthy gut is vital for optimal health and weight management.


Meet Peter Smanjak

PS Posing

Meet Peter Smanjak

The passion to see all achieve personal greatness.

Accessing the most advanced practitioners, information and health interventions, I became disillusioned by what was professed to be healthy, actually turned out to be causing my disease.

As an executive, business owner and disciplined athlete who followed a western sports diet along with the advice for high-intensity training regimes, I experienced burnout and serious health challenges.

Putting the signs off for long did not help. It was until my gut issues became the red flag that forced me to see various medical specialists for whom no one could heal me. They did however prescribe drugs. At that stage beside the gut issues, the unthinkable was revealed in the form of heart disease risk, kidney issues and cancer I then took a deep dive and searched the healing arts and designed a method and steps to reverse my health status and achieve my continually evolving best form of well-being at 55. This same methodology is what I personalize and employ for you.

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Want To Hear What Business Executives Like Yourself Have To Say About Regenerate?

When I met with Peter during May 2020 I was grossly overweight, always exhausted and suffered from serious memory loss. During various sessions with Peter, he directed me and without too much effort and self discipline, I can say that my journey with him has been life changing. Not only have I only lost in excess of 18 kilos of weight but my waistline has become 10 cm smaller. Today I feel awesome and haven’t felt this well in the last 20 years (64 years old). My overall health and memory has improved tremendously. Please accept my sincere gratitude for leading me on this amazing journey.
Wynand du Plessis
Senior Attorney
Within 4 weeks my training for a marathon had had changed 100% given that I now had a proper roadmap to restore my health even though I was a long distant athlete. I found I was causing more harm to my body that the benefit of running. Until Peter taught me how to eat for health and my sport, I am a different human being.
CEO & Civil Engineer
Peter is extremely knowledgeable on health and vital living. I found my coaching session with him extremely thorough and informative and have benefited from his insight, recommendations and protocol.
Kath Tucker
One of the smartest decisions I have ever made was to contact Peter and ask him to rebuild my body. He started from the inside out whereas every thinks its the other way around. Peter was so very helpful and knowledgeable, and created a method and step by step process that with a short time my life was turned around from being burnt out, overweight and unhealthy. Thanks Peter, your authenticity and dedication to helping clients is one-in-a-million.
Lauren Jansen
Marketing Manager
So much respect for this man. Peter started a journey with me to improve my overall health more than a year ago. I started off with a lot of chronic medication that only adressed the symptoms and not the cause of my ailments. I have suffered from adrenal burnout as well as depleted levels of different hormones, serotonin and various vitamins and minerals. Peter assisted with the referral to suitable specialists and running blood panels to identify and address the root causes of these issues. His product knowledge is excellent. I can definitely recommend him to other individuals who want a total review of their chronic medications, diet, supplements and change of lifestyle to enhance general well being.​
Corne VD Walt
Chief Risk Officer
Peter’s method and focus on identification, cleaning out the gut and detailing how to restore and feed my body what it needs, it really helped me go from completely housebound and unable to walk most days at the young age of 38 to working full-time, feeling strong, and getting back into exercising.
John Lee

Weight loss is NOT a vanity goal.
Excess body fat has devastating effects on your health and life.

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