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Embark on a journey to reclaim your vitality with ‘Regenerate’. Discover a path to restore your well-being and elevate your performance to new heights. Take the first step towards a revitalized you…

So, Why Regenerate?

The truth: We can understand how cars, aeroplanes, computers and machinery work, and we care for them to operate in perfect condition. We take our cars for a service regularly. When it comes to the amazing organism called the human body, we have to conclude that there is an astounding lack of any real knowledge to keep it in an optimal condition. 

The human body has the ability to self-heal itself. The question is then posed: “If this is so, why are so many fatigued, sleep badly or just not well?” The human body will heal itself if given the right conditions. Unfortunately, many today are unaware of these conditions.

The aim of this course is to provide the answer to this conundrum that billions of dollars in medical expenditure are not solving.

Unlocking Your Health and
Wealth Potential with "Regenerate"

Do You Know The Financial Benefits of Well-being?

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Amount wasted over 25 years to insure against the fear of developing cancer, heart disease or other chronic illness. *
Course cost per month for 4months to save R3,751,752
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Potential age reversal years using natural modalities

* Calculation:

The initial monthly premium: R500 | The annual inflation rate: 6% | Annual increase in coverage: 5% | The number of years the insured will pay the premium: 40 (age 25-65)

Boosting your Performance

Winning Mindset

This course will guide you to improve and even turn around health conditions that may have existed for years. Peter will investigate and determine potential root causes to specific health challenges. Own a proven steps by step method to regenerating your health and take back what the years have stolen. Health is more than just physical wellbeing and getting through the day.

Expert Guidance

I have looked at wellness from both a health and risk angle and in so doing, I do not advocate pie in the sky diets, well NO diets, but get straight to what you require nutritionally to turn your health around and gain your perfected form – this we call your “Quintessential Wellbeing”.

Focused Strategy

Research in the field of sport demonstrates that top athletes succeed in large part because of their ability not just to perform under stress, but more importantly, to recover after stress has occurred. Recovery is the critical process in which the body and mind not only rest, but also rebuild new strengths and develop resilience, as a muscle does between workouts.

Cancer on the Rise

Statistics reveal that there is up to a 50% probability that one will develop cancer today. Fast forward to 2030, and it is projected that everyone will develop cancer


Full 1-on-1 support available on a consultation basis for the duration of the coaching program.


To consistently perform well in high-stress environments, executives and professionals must focus not just on the skills needed for their specific field, but more broadly, on creating a mindful and nourishing life, one that feeds them physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

How do I help you achieve success in regenerating your health and optimizing your performance?

The course will guide you on a transformative journey, using cutting-edge science and holistic practices, to rejuvenate your health and vitality. The method and steps have been created over a decade of experience and international best practice in alternative health.


Using various testing modalities, you can identify your own potential health risks and determine possible cause.


Uncover the root causes of your health issues and remove them. By removing the real causes of your health issues, you can focus on the right solution.


Our natural interventions align with the body's natural healing protocol, promoting healing, enhancing performance, and safeguarding against physical and mental decline.


Achieving your health goals is easier with the right interventions and guidance. Coaching is your guiding star, helping you stay on track and speeding up your journey to wellness.


Revaluation happens at points in time to determine the impact of the intervention on your initial identify risk markers.

Who is the Course For?

If you struggle with ANY of the following,
this course is for you.

Own a proven, step-by-step method to recovery and being well.

You can OWN a course that has consolidated thousands of RESEARCH hours into only 12-16 WEEKS.

Course Outline

4 Months | 4 Stages | 20 Steps

01. Surveying the Terrain

Just as thrill-seekers prepare meticulously before a daring climb, we start by assembling your dashboard of health markers and clues. Think of these as the arcane symbols and ancient texts alchemists once used to decipher the secrets of transformation. These markers provide glimpses into your inner world, and your inner terrain, revealing potential risky exposures and challenges that may lie within and will impact you into the future.


02. Clearing the Highways

In our quest for optimum health, we encounter an array of challenges rooted in our modern lifestyle and the relentless promotion of nutritionally empty foods. One of the most profound issues we face is our dietary choices, often straying far from what our bodies truly need. While selecting high-quality, real foods is vital, taking it a step further by choosing foods that comprehensively support the three pillars of physical health—detoxification, cellular vitality, and nutritional richness—elevates our well-being to new heights.


03. Restoring the Engine Room

The gut is like the engine room of a ship at sea, navigating through life’s challenges. Just as a ship’s engine room powers the vessel and keeps it moving forward, the gut and the gut’s microbiome play a critical role in our overall health. The microbiome is made up of trillions of microorganisms that live in our gut, and it helps to digest food, regulate our immune system, and protect us from harmful pathogens.


04. Feeding for Sustainable Health

Unraveling the mysteries of “Feeding for Health, Performance & Longevity,” in these steps, we will delve into the essential principles and practices, much like a garden alchemist cultivating the soil for vibrant growth. Our goal is to empower you to nourish your body, fostering vibrant energy, achieving optimal well-being, and nurturing long-lasting vitality.


Meet Peter Smanjak

Meet Peter Smanjak

The passion to see all achieve personal greatness.

Accessing the most advanced practitioners, information and health interventions, I became disillusioned by what was professed to be healthy, actually turned out to be causing my disease.

As an executive, business owner and disciplined athlete who followed a western sports diet along with the advice for high-intensity training regimes, I experienced burnout and serious health challenges.

Putting the signs off for long did not help. It was until my gut issues became the red flag that forced me to see various medical specialists for whom no one could heal me. They did however prescribe drugs. At that stage beside the gut issues, the unthinkable was revealed in the form of heart disease risk, kidney issues and cancer I then took a deep dive and searched the healing arts and designed a method and steps to reverse my health status and achieve my continually evolving best form of well-being at 54. This same methodology is what I personalize and employ for you.

Bonuses You Receive


Smiling couple having consultations with their financial advisor in the office.

Two Free Online Calls

Value R5000.00

Consulting with an alternative health risk coach empowers you to optimize your health naturally. By combining holistic approaches and personalized nutrition, we address the root causes of your health issues. Experience vitality, balance, and long-term well-being while minimizing reliance on pharmaceuticals. Your path to a healthier, more vibrant life begins here.


blood, cells, red

Pathology Report Review

Value R3,000.00

Experience the transformative power of functional medicine through a consultation with one of our coaches and or medical practitioners.  We focus on optimizing your health, not just meeting traditional reference ranges. Following the principles of an optimized result, we guide you to achieve the most ideal results. Unlocking your healing potential and enhancing your well-being with personalized testing and regenerative therapies will allow you to make an informed decision about your health today. This offer includes identifying your top 5 risks that are revealed in the pathology panel with potential consequences on you and your health.


Brain Heist eBook

Value R399.00

Experience the transformative power of functional medicine through a consultation with one of our coaches and or medical practitioners.  We focus on optimizing your health, not just meeting traditional reference ranges. Following the principles of an optimized result, we guide you to achieve the most ideal results. Unlocking your healing potential and enhancing your well-being with personalized testing and regenerative therapies will allow you to make an informed decision about your health today.


20% Off All Course Supplements

Value R6,500

Nutrient deficiencies cause disease. 

Start nourishing your cells with a tailored supplement protocol according to your health condition, health objective, blood panel result, or genetic tests. And while doing so, receive 20% off all course suggested supplmenets and superfoods.


Professional education, work meeting, presentation and coaching concept. Two motivated business men

Financial Wellness Portfolio Review

Value R9,500

Our sophisticated Financial Wellness Practice offers a comprehensive review of your life insurance and investment portfolio. Discover how to cut costs by up to 50% while optimizing your financial strategy. We’ll guide you to a more cost-effective medical aid option, ensuring financial well-being for the future. Trust the experts in financial wellness for a brighter financial outlook.

By now, you’re probably wondering how much this is going to cost you.
First, I’d love for you to think of this course as an investment, because I’m confident it will pay off in huge returns, not only in terms of helping you feel amazing, but also financially you could save on your insurance portfolio, especially if you are heavily loaded now.
The value of the Regenerate program and all the bonuses is over R21,399.00. I could easily offer it all for that, or discount it to R13,997 and it would be worth every penny. But I want to make it accessible to as many passionate, determined health seeking friends as I can, so I’m not going to charge $9997.  
If you restore just one serious health condition, or you have more energy for work and your family, you will have more than paid for this course … and imagine how significant your return on investment will be when that word-of-mouth spreads like wildfire and your friends see how you have lost weight and start looking amazing.

Total Bonus Value + Course

Value R21,399

Normal Monthly Course Price

R6,500 Per Month

Special Offer

Buy Now. Start in January 2024
R 6500 Per Month
  • Offer valid for 7 days
  • Two free online calls
  • Review of your pathology report
  • Brain Heist eBook
  • 20% off all course supplements
  • Review financial insurance & investment portfolio
  • Course made available for six months
  • Additional consultations can be arranged

Want To Hear What Business Executives Like Yourself Have To Say About Regenerate?

As an extreme athlete, I thrived on training with a very high level of discipline, always going beyond how the average athlete would train and fed my body food that is marketed and considered as “healthy” by western standards.

During my life, I enjoyed being health conscious. A drastic turn took place when I needed serious surgery which left me with various complications and side effects. I could not believe how my health deteriorated so suddenly after following traditional medical interventions. I had lots to discover about why this so-called “healthy“ lifestyle failed me.

I started reading and researching furiously to find out how I can make meaningful changes to my life.

However, high volumes of often conflicting information on various “well-renowned” web sites made me very unsure of how to prevent recurrences of this life-threatening condition in future. I was very discouraged and overwhelmed.

I wouldn’t be moved to write this testimonial if my experience with Peter was not so incredibly profound and life changing.

Peter’s in-depth knowledge of every aspect of health (and more), his friendly energy, his encouragement and detailed action plan designed specifically for me made me very comfortable, that I’m in the best hands to avoid serious health issues or recurrences in future. At every stage of the journey, I felt completely assured that Peter had my absolute best interests at heart as if it was his own health at stake.

I consulted with Peter for a year before I left South Africa to return to Slovakia. During this time, he rigorously monitored my progress, checked my blood markers, nutrient levels and more, shared excellent insights tips and top class information. I left South Africa with peace of mind having received 11 pages of excellent test results from the laboratories. All credit to Peter!

Today, living in Europe I follow Peter’s recommendations and practices daily. I still hear his voice in my head, and think about Peter while buying fruit and vegetables or making smoothies.

Thank you, Peter! When nobody else had what I needed to turn my life around, you gave me hope and I indeed expect a long, healthy life ahead of me.
Otto Koren
CEO & Extreme Athlete
Within 4 weeks my training for a marathon had had changed 100% given that I now had a proper roadmap to restore my health even though I was a long distant athlete. I found I was causing more harm to my body that the benefit of running. Until Peter taught me how to eat for health and my sport, I am a different human being.
CEO & Civil Engineer
When I met with Peter during May 2020 I was grossly overweight, always exhausted and suffered from serious memory loss. During various sessions with Peter, he directed me and without too much effort and self discipline, I can say that my journey with him has been life changing. Not only have I only lost in excess of 18 kilos of weight but my waistline has become 10 cm smaller. Today I feel awesome and haven’t felt this well in the last 20 years (64 years old). My overall health and memory has improved tremendously. Please accept my sincere gratitude for leading me on this amazing journey.
Wynand du Plessis
Senior Attorney
One of the smartest decisions I have ever made was to contact Peter and ask him to rebuild my body. He started from the inside out whereas every thinks its the other way around. Peter was so very helpful and knowledgeable, and created a method and step by step process that with a short time my life was turned around from being burnt out, overweight and unhealthy. Thanks Peter, your authenticity and dedication to helping clients is one-in-a-million.
Lauren Jansen
Marketing Manager
So much respect for this man. Peter started a journey with me to improve my overall health more than a year ago. I started off with a lot of chronic medication that only adressed the symptoms and not the cause of my ailments. I have suffered from adrenal burnout as well as depleted levels of different hormones, serotonin and various vitamins and minerals. Peter assisted with the referral to suitable specialists and running blood panels to identify and address the root causes of these issues. His product knowledge is excellent. I can definitely recommend him to other individuals who want a total review of their chronic medications, diet, supplements and change of lifestyle to enhance general well being.​
Corne VD Walt
Chief Risk Officer

Take the first step towards the art of health regeneration.

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